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Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems

What if... could work more quickly and profitably. could keep an eye on your business without being there. could access your records anytime, from anywhere.

Make your office work for you with custom integrated systems that bring it all together.


Integrated Systems is your one stop shop to creating a high-performance office environment. Your environment is your business. Whether your business is large or small, a well-designed environment can boost your bottom line and make your office work for you with outside-the-box solutions and integrated systems.


Integrated Systems provides the following services:

  • All system hardware / software sales, design and custom installation of computerized systems.
  • Cabling your office for today and tomorrow
  • Custom Equipment Mounting Solutions
  • TV / Video / Music Distribution
  • Business Phone / Intercom Systems
  • Surveillance - Access Control


Businesses are seeing major benefits from new technologies.


Business owners are discovering new ways to achieve productivity - and maintain security from a distance. New technologies support your staff in the areas of human resources, document management, accounting, client accounts, collections and marketing. You'll receive personal attention and the training, assistance and resources required to run your office effectively and productively. Every business relies on system integration and the proper flow of information on a daily basis. The efficiency of these systems makes them indispensable; therefore, we offer you a full range of services related to the design, installation, training and maintenance of your integrated technology system.


To handle your particular requirements, it is important to start with a design that fits your space, allows for the necessary problem solving, protects your office from the loss of essential data, and is wired for any and all upgrades in the future.



Integrated Systems offers a multifaceted service package, so you can focus on providing quality service to your clientele.

  • Competitive pricing as a result of direct manufacturer relationships.
  • Responsive service and personal attention.
  • Comprehensive experience in information and business technology.


Integrated Systems






Dental-specific services we offer:


  • Installation of Practice management software
  • Installation of Digital Radiography
  • Integration of intra-oral, scope and digital image capture



Building your Leading Edge Practice

All of the following components contribute to a smooth-running, well managed office. Connected, they promote an easy, effortless, enjoyable and profitable leading edge practice.


  • Digital Radiography
  • Practice Management Software
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Entertainment
  • Other Technologies


Specializing in Dental Environments

Unlike other systems providers, Integrated Systems is expert, knowledgeable and experienced in the full line of technologies that support office environments for leading dental professionals.


Integrated Systems is expert in dental instrumentation technologies, knowledgeable about dental office procedures and experienced in design, installation, training and maintenance of fully integrated technologies for dental professionals.


Moreover, Integrated Systems is known for honest estimates, informed solutions, timely installation, responsive service - and an overall quality performance.


Rely on us for personal attention and the training, assistance and resources required to run your office effectively and productively.




Please call 877.677.8400 for a complimentary consultation. Let us know what you'd like your office to do. We'll recommend solutions that work for you. Businesses large and small can experience a higher level of performance.


Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems

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