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Wouldn't it be great if your schedule always went according to plan? If procedures never took longer than anticipated? If everything that you needed was always there, every time? BlueNote Communicator helps you handle the unexpected so that your practice can flow better. You may have come to our website looking for a way to alert clinicians that a patient is ready. BlueNote Communicator does this extremely well, and without interrupting treatment. But if you let it, BlueNote also changes the very way in which you practice. It changes how patients are scheduled. It even changes the quality of time spent with your patients.

When you have all the pieces of your practice working together, there are a lot fewer chances for information to get lost.You are encouraged to download BlueNote Communicator to experience how an improvement in communications can streamline your practice.

BlueNote Communicator is supported on any computer connected to a TCP/IP network that is running Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.

Virtual Corkboard

BlueNotes are agents of action that are posted as a quick to-do list for the entire practice. Post a BlueNote on our NoteBoard to get an instant response. Call for an assistant, announce a change in the schedule, or page a doctor with a single click. You’ll never need to take your eyes off of the patient to know where you’re needed next.

Virtual Corkboard

Alert Manager

We’ve always encouraged you to customize your workstations (they are also called Endpoints). Now you have granular control of each BlueNote alert as it applies to your zone. Don’t need to receive BlueNotes about clinical matters? You can turn off all of the popups and alert tones at your station, and still receive those that pertain to administrative duties.

What’s more, in treatment areas you can change as many of the alerts as you want, and even assign different signals for each zone. We haven’t calculated the number of configurations that are possible, but we can safely say that it is a multiple of the number of NoteBoard locations times thousands.

But it’s not that complicated. We start you off with all of the alerts in place, and then you just turn off the ones you find don’t apply to your workstation’s needs.


Posting a BlueNote

BlueNote posting has been designed for sleekness. Simply click on a location to bring up the BlueNote posting window, choose an event or action to post, and you’re good to go. We also include patient seating, delayed time paging, muting and direct access to that location’s Alert Manager from the posting window.

The Quick Buttons are similarly refined, which makes one-click posting, drag and drop enhancement, and keyboard support abilities easy to understand.

Actions Posting Window

Waiting Room

Our Virtual Waiting Room signals you the moment a patient arrives for their appointment. Track patient movement through the practice and monitor the amount of time patients spend in the office.

Patient Seating

Text Messaging

The Messaging Bar is dedicated to text messaging. Two buttons allow for direct access to Typing a Message and Quick Text (speedy is what it’s all about) plus you have six messaging group buttons which are located directly in the Text Message window.

Staff names are integrated within the Text Messaging system. Each Windows user is assigned their own profile for personalized settings and their text messaging user name.

Streamlined Text Messaging

Set up messaging groups or text message individuals with Blue Note Communicator’s powerful Quick Text feature. Now doctors can know patients’ chief concerns before even entering a treatment room.

Text Messaging

Clinical Mode

Clinical Mode is a small interface for workstations that give clinicians a simpler way to send out communications. In essence, Clinical Mode delivers BlueNote Communicator to the computer screen in a more compact window.

When you have initiated Clinical Mode, a different window will appear than the usual NoteBoard.







The Basics

How to Post a BlueNote

Clearing or Acknowledging a Post

Changing your BlueNote UserName

Programming a Quick Key for posting a BlueNote

Drag and Drop Quick Keys


Setting an Office Template

Using your Typed Messaging Groups

Mute Specific Tones and Alerts

Exploring your BlueNote Options

Changing your NoteBoard Wallpaper



Adding a Patient to the Waiting Room

Using your High Alert button

Viewing your Message and BlueNote History

Understanding the Do Not Disturb feature

Activating and Using Clinical Mode




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