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ICW Mounting System


ICW is a leader in mounting solutions for the Healthcare market, ICW offers the most extensive line of products designed to solve the most difficult deployment problems. From emergency room to operating room to patient room, ICW’s modular products can be tailored to meet the needs of the situation, mounting to the ceiling, wall, work surface, or floor. The ICW family of products provides complete cable management, stowability and the greatest extendibility available.

In today’s healthcare facility, where space is at a premium, having the ability to position your computer/viewing equipment where you need it, yet stow it out of the way, close to the mounting surface, is one of the unique features that makes ICW products superior to any other line.

Only one company brings together all the abilities to make your mounts function the way you need them to. Extendibility, cable manageability, stowability, durability, reliability and flexibility all combine to make ICW mounts the most innovative mounting solutions on the market today.

Features of ICW Mount Families:

    * Modular design, satisfying most customer needs
    * Ergonomically mounts both keyboard and monitor
    * Industry-standard mounting interfaces (VESA)
    * Durable powder coating or anodized finish
    * Minimum profile when stowed away
    * Products tested in-house and in the field
    * Custom OEM solutions available
    * Manufactured in the U.S.A.


ICW Product Abilities

Extendibility – The ICW family of mounts include some that are among the longest reach in the industry.

Manageability – Mounts are designed for maximum cable management.

Stowability – Our products are designed to stow close to the wall.

Flexibility – Standard ICW products meet most customer requirements with our modular design, but customization services are also available.

Durability – Arms and mounting systems are ruggedly designed and tested for commercial use.

Reliability – Through testing and field experience, the ICW product stands up to the rigors of repeated commercial use.

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