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Structured and low-voltage cabling

Even with all the latest technology upgrades, you need the right cables for your network and multimedia system to reach their true potential.

We offer a full range of data-cabling products and services to fulfill every requirement, including networking, telecom services, multimedia systems, security, and more.


Installing or upgrading to the proper cabling can save you thousands in IT costs down the road (see “The Cost of Poor Cabling” on this page). And we’re not just talking about Ethernet. The cabling of your audio/video system can also drastically affect performance and reliability.

Whether you’re moving into a new office, gutting and rewiring an existing office, or expanding to accommodate growth, we can help ensure that you have a long-lasting, quality infrastructure. Our experts can plan and install all cabling, taking into consideration your current bandwidth needs, network environment, and budget. We will also future-proof your network by planning for expected future bandwidth needs.

We know what’s required and take responsibility for our work. Our team of experienced professionals will plan and install the proper system backbone for your business.
We work closely with your Design and Build teams when new construction projects take place.




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The Cost of Poor Cabling

The following is an excerpt from Cabling: The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking by Andrew Oliviero and Bill Woodward (Sybex, 2009).

The costs that result from poorly planned and poorly implemented cabling systems can be staggering. One company that moved into a new data center space used the existing cabling, which was supposed to be Category 5e cable capable of Gigabit speeds. Almost immediately Gigabit Ethernet network users reported intermittent problems. These problems included exceptionally slow access times when reading e-mail, saving documents, and using the sales databases. Other users reported that applications running under Windows were locking up, which often caused them to have to reboot their PCs.

After many months of network annoyances, the company finally had the cable runs tested. Many cables did not even meet the minimum requirements of a Category 5e installation, and other cabling runs were installed and terminated poorly.

WARNING: Often network managers mistakenly assume that data cabling either works or it does not, with no in-betweens. Cabling can cause intermittent problems.


Information on Common Cable Materials

PVC – The industry standard and exceedingly cost effective if you are on a tight budget. Although not as safe as plenum jacketing, PVC works at the same speed and is of the same general quality.

STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) – Commonly used for Category 5e Ethernet cable, STP cable minimizes signal interference from other equipment, radio towers, high-powered electrical conduit, or any other device emitting electro-magnetic or radio frequency signals.

Plenum – Named “plenum” because it is frequently laid in the plenum spaces of buildings where heating and AC systems circulate air. Though higher priced than PVC, plenum cable is extremely fire resistant and meets building code requirements in most areas.




Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems

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