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An audio/video system may seem like a frivolous expense for a medical or dental office, but an A/V system can greatly enhance your business by giving you the ability to:

  • Add a degree of professionalism to your office atmosphere
  • Entertain, relax, or even educate waiting patients with useful content and programming
  • Create an enjoyable, productive workplace for your employees
  • Facilitate presentations and group meetings with your staff
  • Train your employees via e-learning and software



Consider the effect of background music — versus the impact of dead air and ambient noises. The right choice in office music reflects your professionalism toward both your employees and patients.

An audio system can also safeguard privacy. How? Well, the human voice travels. You would never put patients’ paperwork on open display, but you might not realize how much information is conveyed through voices in an open waiting room, a telephone conversation, or through the walls of an exam room. When background noise, such as music, is added to an environment, it significantly dampens and masks the sound of human voices and makes conversations much less intelligible to those in other rooms. Your audio system is one step in staying compliant with HIPAA regulations, which require medical professionals to safeguard medical records by all reasonable means.

With its years of experience, Integrated Systems can help you choose and set up your audio system, as well as upgrade existing systems to add paging features or other improvements. From small audio systems to multi-room distributions with in-wall or in-ceiling surround-sound speakers, we will get the job done.




A high-tech video display system from Integrated Systems can take your practice into the 21st century. With such a set-up you can:

  • Assist in patient education
  • Visualize medical/dental conditions with patients via X-rays and other imaging technology
  • Present patient treatment plans
  • Keep waiting patients (and their children) entertained with informational videos or standard television programming
  • Create a professional, high-tech look for your office




Digital Signage

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising, and other messages. Some of the most common applications for digital signage include:

  • Public information – News, weather, and local (location specific) information, such as fire exits and traveler information
  • Internal information - Corporate messages, health and safety, news, etc.
  • Advertising – Either related to where the signage is located or simply using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising
  • Brand building – In-store digital signage to promote a brand and/or build a brand identity
    Influence customer behavior – Directing customers to various areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises
  • Enhancing the customer experience – Reducing the perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, and so on, as well as recipe demonstrations in food stores
  • Enhancing the environment – Using interactive screens (in the floor, for example) or with dynamic wayfinding



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Music and Productivity

“One theory behind why music may help increase productivity is that it helps you feel better. Music taps into the emotional centers in our brain. Generally, we are more productive when in a positive mood state.”

—Kimberly Sena Moore, “Your Musical Self,” Psychology Today, 2010.

A Room With a View

Recently, we were approached by one of our clients with a particular challenge: They wanted to “move the view” from the rear of the office, whose windows looked out at the dramatic New York City skyline, to the front patient waiting area. Changing the office layout was not a feasible option, so Integrated Systems came up with an idea: Use technology to bring the view up front. To achieve this, we installed a 1080p HD video camera facing the city view and connected it to a large multi-display video wall in the waiting area, at the opposite end of the office. This accomplished the desired effect, relocating that spectacular live view for patients entering the office or waiting in the reception area.


Integrated Systems
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